My mom calls me Whisper, because I talk loud.

The angels can hear me, way up in the clouds.

“Whisper!”, she says, when I’ve something to say. I’ve told you before, and even today.”

“There’s no need to yell, we can hear you just fine. So please tone it down, and take your time.”

“I know, Mom, I know. But I’m excited, you see. And everything just explodes out of me.”

“I know how you feel, I was there once too. When I was a kid, just like you.”

“When MY mom said, “Whisper!”, everyone knew. That wasn’t my name. It’s what I had to do.”


A Pair of Wings

I suddenly grew a pair of wings, by snooping around in Mommy’s things.

I said, “What’s that?” She said, “Don’t touch! Plus, you don’t listen very much.”

I said, “But Mom, I wanna see.”
“There you go, not listening to me.”

She pushed me back and shut the door, I couldn’t see it anymore.

That thing I saw with fairy wings, that little box, among other things.

I had to see what that was for,
but it’s too late, she locked the door.

“Now stay away, don’t touch anything. This closet is full of wondrous things.”

“But you’re much too young.
You’re not ready to see. So it must be kept under lock and key.”

“Now go and play, I’ve got dinner to fix. And I better not find you’re up to your old tricks.”

“You’re a clever little one. Oh, I better be sure, that you never get to what’s behind this door.”

“At least not until you become of age. Then you can learn candles and potions and sage.”

Mommy’s eyes lit up as she said these words. Potions and sage? Words I’ve never heard.

But still I was curious, what could it be. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen to me.

I took the key from my mom while she was asleep . Made my way to that closet without making a peep.

Put the key in the hole, turned the knob 1-2-3. Couldn’t wait to see, what was waiting for me.

There it was, middle shelf, on the right. What wondrous thing would I see tonight.

I was nervous, should I touch it, what’s that sound, could it be? Oh no, Mommy’s coming and she’s gonna catch me!

But she wasn’t coming, and thank goodness, you see. Because you’ll never guess what happened to me.

I reached for the box, and to my surprise, the box seemed empty, there was nothing inside.

But painted on top was a pair of wings, and underneath that it said something.

“A pair of wings for when you need it. A breath of life is what you feed it.”

Feed what? This box? That sounds absurd. Oh no, what is that. Is that Mom I heard?

I poked my head out and looked down the hall. As it turns out, it was nothing at all.

With the box in my hand, and my heart pounding faster,
I wasn’t prepared for the coming disaster.

With a twitch in my nose, from the dust I suppose. I felt a sneeze coming on, this one’s going to be strong!

And I huffed and I puffed, my chest big as an ox. I huffed and I puffed. I sneezed into the box!

And just like that it happened to be, that a pair of wings sprout out of me.

Oh my gosh! What is this?! There are wings on my back!
My mom will be so mad, she’ll have a heart attack!

“Go away silly wings!” Oh my gosh, what did I do? Gotta make them disappear, before the night is through.

But to my despair, there was nothing I could do. And then, I heard my mom, “Little girl! I told you!”

Always listen to your Mommy, because she knows best. Or you see what can happen?

Well, you know the rest!

What A Tarot Reading SHOULD Be

Have you ever had a tarot reading?

Many people initially consult with a tarot reader out of curiosity, or (lol) to accompany a friend who desperately needs to confirm if her significant other is cheating. Not that it’s even funny, but it happens this way a lot.

What ever means drives you to seek a tarot reader, know that there are many types of tarotistas. Yes, I had to learn that word too. And finding the right one for you can make all the difference.

What type of information are you really looking for?

Your main concerns should be to find out where you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These four components of the human experience are essentially what creates your reality. No matter what life brings your way if you are unhealthy in any of these areas you will be unhappy.

That’s why it’s important to ask the right questions! Don’t just ask if your significant other is faithful. Ok. Ask that first! Lol! Then…..Ask what are each of you contributing to this relationship. What are each of you lacking? Are your energies good for one another? Can you both get passed any troubled past and move on in a positive way? Is it better to be apart? Is this relationship destructive or constructive? In other words, find out what the problem really is and decide if it’s worth fighting for.

If your issue is with your career, don’t worry about Nosey Nancy and Butt Kisser Kevin. Ask, where can I improve at work? What do I need to focus on most at this time? Am I in the right field?Should I consider continuing education in my field. Is now the right time to move to another department? What should I look out for?

The right questions make all the difference in a well read tarot reading. By the end of the session you should feel informed and have an idea of what your next step is and what you need to work on, if anything. A good tarot reader will help you rephrase your questions so that you can get clear and profound answers and your reading won’t sound generic.

Be prepared! Have questions written down before your appointment. And take notes during your reading. Chances are you’re not going to remember everything, neither will your reader. You don’t know how many times I get call backs to repeat what I said in a reading, even weeks later! Really? I don’t keep records! Lol. So I’ve learned to always start my client with a reminder to take notes.

I hope these tips help your next reading be a fulfilling one. Happy tarot reading!

People Who Constantly Talk About The Past

I’ve noticed over the years that certain people tend to talk about the past constantly. No matter what the subject of conversation is, they always revert to a past memory or experience as if it is still relevant. They never have anything to say about the future and are constantly bringing you back to a place where THEY felt their best. A time when everything was going right for THEM. Or you have those that cry over the same trauma everytime they bring it up. And they repeat themselves as if they don’t want you to ever forget it. Every time you see or speak to them it’s the same old story, over and over again. 

Nevermind mentioning YOUR good news, concerning the here and now. Actually, this is usually where the reminiscing begins. The minute you mention how good things are going for you. “Oh yeah, that’s nice, remember the time when I….”

I’ve realized that people like this are not in a good place. I too have been there. I remember having a moment of clarity at a time when my darkest days were far behind me. Looking back on my life I realized, oh my God!, I WAS that person. I was the one who always talked about the past and had nothing to say about my future. I understand NOW that I couldn’t bare to even look toward the future. My most recent past had been so painful that I couldn’t even imagine my future becoming any better. I was hopeless at the time and spiritually drained. I was scared.

Somehow, I overcame that darkness and decided that I would start all over again. I wouldn’t talk about my painful past anymore or focus on a time that once was. I wouldn’t even think about it. I started reading more books on spirituality and the sciences of the mind. I started PLANNING for my life again. I started journaling my thoughts and got to know myself better than I had in years. Even my THOUGHTS changed! My thoughts about myself, about my future. I was starting to see my world differently. I was shaping it, molding it. I was creating it! I began to notice my conversations with people changed. For once, I had something positive to say. I could appreciate other people’s happiness because I too was becoming happier. I remembered what it felt like! And I wanted to feel it all the time.

I started learning about energy, vibrations, and frequencies. I delved further into the tarot and it’s symbolism. I changed my words as well as my thoughts. And little by little, my whole world began to change. Ok, so I’m not rich and famous, but a girl can dream, right? The point is my quality of life changed.

Had I not been “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, God only knows how much longer I would have continued in misery.

Now, since then, life has brought me many ups and downs. But I always remember what I have learned, what I have invested in myself, and I always find my way back.

Pay attention to your conversations. Listen to yourself as you speak. Would you want to have a conversation with YOU?

Six of Cups

The Six of Cups represents memories, nostalgia, and childhood.

Don’t get stuck in the past.

Don’t be a Six of Cups, lol.

Because Of Bonnie: How I Became A Tarot Reader

The very first time I read the tarot for someone, I was in the Navy. I was 19 years old and had left home after my first year of nursing school. I shared an apartment off base with a fellow sailor. We’ll call her Bonnie. Bonnie and I quickly became friends while working together at a naval hospital. I was comfortable enough to share my personal interests with her, after all, we were friends. So one boring night I decided to pull out my cards and practice at the kitchen table. Bonnie actually had company that night, and happened to come into the kitchen for refreshments. She asked what I was doing. I explained what the cards were and that I wanted to learn more about them. As I’m shuffling she sits down at the table, snacks still in hand, and says “Oh do me, do me!” I lean back in my chair and gaze toward the living room where her guest was. “You sure ‘you-know-who’ won’t mind?” “Nah, he’s fine! Go!”, she says. And so I go.

At this time I was a newbie, so I used the book a lot for reference. But all in all, I did a pretty good job! Bonnie enjoyed it as much as I did. She even commented on how I should read for other people. What? Nah! She quickly returned to her guest and continued her evening. I was left in the kitchen quite impressed with the whole reading, if I say so myself. I fell in love with the tarot right then and there. And so began my thirst for knowledge into the subject. Because of Bonnie, my very first “client”. (I need to name one of my decks after her!)

After that I read every book I could find on tarot, and at that time there weren’t many. After some years Bonnie and I drifted apart and we went on with our lives. I continued to practice and learn. But I always remembered that first reading and how it made me feel, how it made Bonnie feel. The idea of me becoming a tarot reader. Are you serious?

Fast forward to Facebook! Bonnie and I found each other again and reclaimed our friendship. Guess who’s reading for Bonnie these days? Yep! You guessed it! Only now I don’t need the book anymore. “Look Bonnie, no hands!”

We still talk about that reading til this day.

3 Ways I Use Tarot To Enhance My Life

I know a lot of us have heard stories about tarot readings and how scary they can be, but that’s only because people make them out to be that way. I personally use the tarot as a way to check myself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. It forces me to think outside the box about my problems and consider options or ideas I never even considered before.

The tarot is broken up into five parts. The Major Arcana which represents major stations in your life, or rites of passage, and the Minor Arcana which represents the mundane: actions, emotions, thoughts, and decisions that affect those major experiences. In the metaphysical world, we understand that the tarot taps into our higher self. It is a form of communication through the use of universal symbols between you and your higher consciousness.

Perhaps you are going through an intense moment in your life. You may receive a tarot reading that helps you gain a whole new perspective on your situation, which in turn helps you realize that it’s not as bad as you thought and that there is, in fact, a solution to your problem. The solution may be as simple as changing the way you think or pursuing a different avenue altogether.

A tarot reading is designed to give you more information. And the more you know, the better decisions you will make moving forward. Sometimes it’s just a matter of tweaking a few things in your life to set you back on track. Other times, there can be a lot more work involved. And by work, I mean introspection and self realization. Taking that first honest look in the mirror can be the hardest part for many of us.

One way I use the tarot is to ponder my life’s choices and decisions before I commit to them. The tarot does a great job at presenting us with underlying feelings and desires which we may not be openly aware of and which may ultimately influence our future circumstances. Our goal is to make the best choices for ourselves and others. To seize those ever elusive opportunities which are going to enhance our lives, without any doubt of success in the process. As well as evade those persons, places, or things which are detrimental to our higher purpose.

Another way I use the tarot is through inspiration and affirmation of my desires. I choose a card or cards that best represent the energy I am invoking and I meditate with it or carry it with me as a reminder or a trigger for my thoughts. I am a firm believer in that “thoughts are things”, as written about in the book by the same name, by author Bob Proctor and Greg S. Reid. I highly recommend this book, by the way. According to the book, every thought carries its own vibration. These vibrations or thought forms are, simply put, energy! So if like attracts like, then it only makes sense that what ever energy you emit on a regular basis is what you will attract on a regular basis.

I like to think of myself as a beacon of light and energy when meditating on a tarot card. Like a moth to a flame, I attract the energies that match my frequency, my tarot card. I try to feel the essence and meaning of the card and then I carry the “spirit” of that card with me throughout the day. This is where visualization comes in handy. If visualization of intricate images is difficult for me that day, then I just try visualizing the word. I use capital letters, and even neon signage! I make it my own. After all, it’s all in my head, right? I try to focus on these thoughts often throughout my day. I may practice this for a few days and then may move on to another focus in my life.

A third way I use tarot is intuitively. I have been studying the tarot since I was in my late teens. Fast forward, 20 years later (okay, 20 plus years later, ha!) the meanings and images are forever imprinted in my brain. Once I had all 78 cards “downloaded” (memorized) onto my hard drive (brain), I began to “see” them differently. Of course, by this time I had also matured a lot and grown spiritually. But now they all fit together like a beautiful mosaic and no matter how you scatter the pieces, I can still see the art!

I understand that tarot is not for everybody. You may have other methods of reaching down deep into your soul and having those difficult, yet necessary conversations with yourself. I pray that you do. Any method is the right method if it leads to self exploration and enlightenment.

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